Maximizing IP Value

Protecting IP

We identify and procure the best type of IP protection for each asset (e.g., patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret) based on market conditions, current and anticipated legal landscape, company resources and business constraints. We also screen marketing materials and product development from an IP protection perspective.

We have found that we better serve our clients’ needs by engaging personally with the examining corps of the USPTO at all levels. We conduct frequent in-person and telephonic interviews with Examiners, and judiciously escalate examination issues through the appropriate channels of the agency. Staying on top of the latest regulations and other developments at the USPTO allows us to quickly inform our clients about new opportunities to realize their IP goals and protect their investments in IP. We have pro-actively engaged in the agency’s process for proposed rulemaking and participated in various USPTO initiatives such as the Pre-Appeal Brief Conference Pilot Program and the Green Tech Pilot Program. We communicate with our clients frequently to make them aware of procedural changes, such as changes in examination practice and USPTO policies. In one instance we were able to develop and present a plan to a client to take advantage of an opportunity for recalculating patent term before a new procedure was published officially.

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